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Selecting a Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) that meets your requirements can be a daunting task. Ten years ago, this task was very much simpler, not surprising; there were only a few applications existed in the market, which make the choices limited to a one hand full. However, this situation is no longer applicable to the current open markets and the revolution of the knowledge economy.  Customers have hundreds of thousands of choices and a wide range of providers; each one has its features and attraction factors making business owners in a dilemma, which one is the best fit for their requirements. Furthermore, organizations often find themselves needing to change their portfolio, program, and project management processes to meet some limitations of the software application rather than having the ability to customize the application itself to fit their needs.

In P3 Experts, we have advanced experience with the most well-known tools available in the today market. This knowledge qualified us to be a consultant for our customers in this hard choice of selecting the right tool for their business and style of management. We know that What would satisfy the requirements of one client may not necessarily do the same for another, even in the same industry. Therefore, we provide the service of implementing, customizing, and deploying the tool to meet our customers’ unique requirements and the environment.

P3 Experts can assist your organization in:

  • Assessing which PMIS is the best fit for your purpose.

  • Identifying what modules required in your business environment.

  • Configuring the PMIS to perform the needed functions, and upload the processes, workflow, and governance system of the organization.

  • Configuring the PMIS to publish templates, reports, and dashboards at various levels of project, program, and portfolio.

  • Applying your current organizational Project Management Methodology and Processes through the PMIS.

  • Ensuring that the processes within the PMIS do not neglect or contradict with the Standards, Frameworks, or Practice Guides of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • Ensuring that the team members are adopting the tool correctly.

  • Ensuring that the PMIS reporting is satisfying the senior management requirements.

 Contact usnow to help you find the PMIS that best fits your organization's needs and the environment.