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Advantages of Project Management Outsourcing

By choosing P3 Experts to manage your projects, you will get:

  • Carrying out tenders effectively through minimizing costs, and developing the contractors’ proposals. We take care of the special terms and conditions aimed at risk minimization into the contracts signed with the contractors.

  • Get your plans managed using best practices, methodological approaches, and world standards of Project Management Institute (PMI)® practices, P3 Expert’s proprietary methodology.

  • Get well-defined planning and monitoring for projects elaborately by devising pessimistic and optimistic plans, controlling baselines, modeling the development of a project, and managing changes and risks.

  • Resolving communications problems efficiently, organizing and preparing project progress reports for all management levels.

  • Managing the customer’s personnel effectively through assigning responsibility in a strictly defined manner, controlling work performance, and building an integrated team.

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Why is Project Management Outsourcing Needed?
Recently, project and program management become one of the essential tools for accomplishing projects’ strategic objectives smoothly and successfully. However, project implementation using the company’s resources does not always lead to its intended the results as planned by the leadership team. One of the main reasons underlying possible failures includes a sharp increase in the number of projects and the lack of dedicated in-house specialists who can manage projects well. Nonetheless, hiring more project managers make it no better as it put a financial burden on the organization instead of investing their management efforts and money in their core business.

Due to these reasons, Outsourcing project management is a typical practice for many companies; especially small to medium business. Such organizations who show active growth and development of project activities, it is suitable for them to outsource project management to a third-party company, which is independent of the contractor engaged for the project and represents the customer’s interests specializing in professional project management.

Our Project Management Outsourcing Service
P3 Experts is specialized in Project management, and able to supply its clients with the right project managers that match the size of their projects, and skills needed accordingly. We believe in P3 Experts that a certified project manager plays a crucial role in projects success. Furthermore, they should have related experience and knowledge to your business industry. Choosing P3 Experts to be your outsourcing partners gives you access to our extensive number of dependable, experienced project managers who are ready to join your team on a contract basis and assist you in bringing project success to your organization or project.