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Are you interested in finding ways to enhance your organization's project management performance? Let us help you map the maturity of your current practices, identify best practices, and discover the most efficient ways to get there!

P3 Experts provide the PM assessment as part of framework service or as a separate service, according to the customer request. Anyway, through the evaluation process, we use a multi-tier approach that supports our clients in executing their strategy and enabling them to answer three important questions:

  • - At the project level: Are we managing our projects the right way?
  • - At the program level: Are we delivering the right benefits and value?
  • - At the portfolio level: Are we doing the right projects and programs?

Our team members work closely with you, your team members, and other stakeholders to identify, develop and deploy the relevant methodologies, processes, governance, and templates that are:

  • - Tailored to the environment and requirements of the client, 
  • - Consistent with PMI® Standards, Practice Guides and Practice Standards, 
  • - Encompass global best practices,  and
  • - Simple, concise, and straightforward enough to enhance and ensure adoption without creating unnecessary administrative overhead.

Of course, we do not leave our clients challenged and confused about the new the new system. Instead, we train their team and coach them to become confident and engaged deeply in it. In fact, we do not follow an of shelf consulting where ‘one-size-fits-all’, because we believe that every undertaking is unique. Therefore, to build an OPM methodology that works for each client in their unique environment, a detail-oriented, hands-on process is necessary to warrant both applicability and adoption.

Our specialized team understands the nature of Organizational Project Management (OPM), and how it functions within any organization including the typical cross-cutting multiple functions, reporting into senior management, sponsors, and clients all at once.

At P3Experts we have developed a robust process for the assessment, design, and deployment of OPM Methodology. We start with a thorough gap analysis using the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) of the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Our Principal Consultants are Subject Matter Experts on various PMI® Standards, including but not limited to "The Standard for Organizational Project Management." 

The Assessment addresses current Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Practices as well as some of organizational enablers at your organization. It will identify areas of strength as well as areas of development. Completion of the Assessment will result in 3 deliverables:

Maturity Assessment Report: A detailed report describing the maturity of each project, program, and portfolio management process and significant organizational enabler. Maturity is assessed on a scale ranging from “Not Practiced” to “Constantly Improved” and the evidence behind our findings listed and categorized (Process evidence, practice evidence, document evidence, and tool evidence). This is a thorough diagnosis of the current state of affairs ‘As-Is'.

Gap Analysis and Gap Closure Report: A detailed report on the ‘As-Is’ versus the ‘To-be’ status of organizational project management (OPM) at your organization, with clearly defined activities for gap closure, segregated into the portfolio, program, and project management and inclusive of the relevant organizational enablers. The best practices listed in this report are based on their relevance to your organization's needs, industry, and operational environment (both external and internal).

Gap Closure Roadmap: Based on the recommendations in the Gap Closure Report, we provide you with a schedule of prioritized and sequenced activities over a recommended time frame. Your organization will realize value upon completion of the Gap Closure activities listed leading to enhanced levels of maturity and practice.

By the end of this assessment, the client will be able to:

  • - Identify the needed actions to obtain high OPM maturity levels.
  • - Identify when and how these activities need to be done.
  • - Determine the sequence and amount of efforts that each work should take.

The three deliverables are easy to understand and are stand-alone. You do not have to be a PM Practitioner to make use of them. All services performed by P3Experts are in a complete alignment with the Project Management Institute (PMI®)’s standards, practice guides, and best practices. 

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Organizational Project Management Assessment