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A project management framework defines how projects should be managed within an organization considering various sizes and complexity so that all projects are managed consistently. Not all projects will require every part of the framework to the same degree; for instance, small or non-complex projects may not require such detailed processes, but the group of processes they use will be common to all projects.
A PM framework is usually compatible with the adopted project management methodology of an organisation and provides the practical tools to do the work required for the project perfectly. ​

At P3Experts we utilize our experience and knowledge to analyze and assess the works and activities of your organization logically. Initially, we do organizational project management assessment; where we work closely with our clients to evaluate the project management maturity level. In this evaluation we track all projects’ tasks and processes, to understand our client’s needs, nature of the business and management preferences to design their best fit framework that matches their business and its expandable requirements in alignment with the international industry standards of management. At a later stage, we deploy the new framework in cooperation and consensus with the top management. It could be used to plan major programs that involve multiple organizations, as well as projects that transverse multiple functions within the same organization. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients to trace the new framework in service to make sure that it achieves its goals and benefits.

No doubt, P3 Experts are fully confident that our cultivated skills and methodology will guarantee your satisfaction.