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Project Management is a powerful approach for improving an organization's effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is a gap between reading a book or attending a workshop and applying the gained knowledge in practice. The best way to bridge the skills and knowledge gap is to adopt the coaching approach or engage in a  comprehensive program for project management team development.

In coaching approach, the project management coach works closely with the project managers of the organization while managing their projects. Mentoring them and giving them advice and hands-on experience to build a right practice in their projects. Sometimes, this approach of interactive learning in actual project scenarios is the best way for those who have fundamental knowledge in project management and need to leverage their skills in relatively short time.  The coach role includes the following activities:

  • - Conduct persistent meeting with the project managers.
  • - Reviewing the status of their projects.
  • - Highlighting the do’s and don'ts using real examples and give them tips on how to apply simple project management knowledge.
  • - Expanding the knowledge of project managers in areas relevant to their current works.
  • - Discussing current project issues and help the project managers to resolve them.

This kind of support is of particular importance when the organization first adopts  Project Management Practice.

It is important to emphasize that we in P3 Experts have a strict procedure to keep your projects’ information private and confidential.

Overall, P3 Experts coach team members have the following features:

  • - Depth knowledge of project management.
  • - Mastering the project management materials and able to condense them into Simple Project Management.
  • - Has strong communication and mentoring skills, and able to build a good rapport with project managers; the best way to establish this 
  •   relationship is during a Simple Project Management workshop.
  • - Following the ethical procedures strictly.

Coaching could be conducted for project managers in group sessions or individual private sessions of the same organization. Furthermore, for the convenience of our clients, we provide coaching in several styles to suit our customer's choice: in person, via web cam, telephone, or email at your option.

Contact us to discuss the details.