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About Us

P3Experts is a consulting and training provider led by the subject matter of experts (SMEs) in the domains of the project, program, and portfolio management. We aim to develop organizations and individuals in management capabilities to realize organizations’ benefits and values.

P3 Experts is a Canadian Company based in Ottawa, Ontario; targeting both the local and global market. We export the best of Canadian-quality management experience and knowledge to worldwide focusing on the Middle East Area. Canadian business style is distinguished by its advanced developed professional, quality of service, efficiency, trust, transparency and Commitment sustainability, availability.

Our methodologies based on comprehensive tools and capabilities to achieve the goals; individual training use every possible tool and way to assure understanding concepts and techniques and consultancy cover all the pillars which leverage the organization capabilities such as processes and structure, people and workforce, product, tools, and techniques.

P3 Experts welcome any talented, confident expert believe in his skills and experience and have added values to our team to achieve the goals where ever he is, professionalism is our language and interest.

We are part of the society and believe that we should share the responsibility of building it through our capabilities, that’s why we target non-for profit organizations helping them enhancing their works and performance to utilize their resources to the maximum with affordable expenses.

P3 Experts can help any industry looking to build, assure, improve or transform their strategic values by following best practical and global methodologies in project and portfolios considering the sector specialty, organization specificity, and project characteristics.

Our experts are the first and best asset we have, who can invent smart solutions and recommendation to help clients recover the needs and overcome their goals.