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360 Edu.

Our 360 Edu methodology based on meeting different learning styles, that is, we direct the learners to obtain knowledge according to their suitable way of learning, as well as, these approaches collectively can enrich and deepen skills of chosen course. Our offered courses are exposed to trainees through various complementary tools and learning styles, which are:

We provide these methods either all together in one full package as a comprehensive program, or individually as requested by organizations and individuals. check our Online Courses Library to choose from our courses, or contact us for more information.

On line Training:

An extensive collection of resources that use various tools and learning styles like videos, electronic books, questions and answers, flash cards and other electronic materials. These tools give the trainee the opportunity to obtain knowledge at his/her self-paced time, and capabilities.


Basically, it is an on-job-training, this style of learning guide protegee in a real-world life work to align his/her work behavior to the adopted methodology of their employer’s organization. This kind of training is the more efficient one to ensure that the trainee is practicing what he/she has learned professionally.


Books are provided with the classroom training following quick interactive method to make sure that the student has understood the subjects. The books bundle include student book and questions and answers book as well as other assisting printing materials.


These simulators measure the trainee readiness to write the certification exam.

Classroom training:
Classroom trainings are provided through an interactive collocation. We choose to deliver these courses well-educated and experienced instructors from the same industry background of the trainees.